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I'm a Full stack web developer & designer.
                 I've always been drawn to the overlap between design and development. My skills are broad: from ux to design, front end to back end development also develop extensions for chrome and firefox of your choice. I enjoy each aspect, and love building sites & mobile apps from start to finish, for clients all over the world.
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What my Clients say?

I have worked with Haidar Iqbal on two complex projects and in both cases, the work was done on time, on budget, and with a high degree of professionalism.
Across the board, everyone enjoyed working with Haidar Iqbal. Haidar not only did exceptional work based on the specs we gave him for each project, but he also gave input on how to make the end product even better and cared about how users would engage with the builds. I will be using Haidar Iqbal again in the future and would highly recommend his services to anyone.

Jaya Bhatti, Group SJOR
Not only was Haidar’s work on-time and to spec, he pays attention to improve the aesthetics of the site as well as the functionality. Throughout the entire process he is responsive, and willing to work through issues as they arise. It’s obvious he takes tremendous pride in his work, and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend or work with him again.

Renald Web, Petpile
We have the fortune of working with Haidar Iqbal on a very regular basis. Every single project is done in a timely fashion and is delivered exactly as is outlined. Beyond that, his development skills and expertise make him an invaluable part of our process. We absolutely offer our highest possible recommendation.

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